Shayad koi Bollywood hero train mein mil jaaye..
I'm a
looking for a


I dream of meeting
this person

an award function

the airport

Check your Shayad
quotient here

What's your
Shayad quotient?

Answer these questions honestly to find out how eligible you are to be on

1) Where do you think you will meet your life partner?

a. Friend’s Party
b. Standing in an ATM line
c. In an airplane
d. Scuba diving in Spain

2) How will he/she look?

a. Ekdum Perfect
b. Your favourite filmstar
c. Like Mr/Ms Universe
d. Like God's gift to mankind!

3) What kind of music will be playing in the background?

a. Dil mein baji guitar
b. La la la la
c. Zoo zoo zoo zoo
d. Hundreds of melodious violins

4) What will be the first words they say to you?

a. What's up?
b. Mujhse shaadi karoge?
c. Aglaa station kaunsa hai?
d. Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya

5) What are the chances of the above happening?

a. Definitely
b. Might happen
c. Chal bey!
d. Neva eva eva

Check your Shayad
quotient here


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